“Like fine wine, specially brewed coffee makes the heart of a mortal man rejoice.”

Do you want to know how to brew coffee that your family will enjoy? What about how to solve coffee maker problems?


How to brew coffee

Fix Coffee maker problems

Cofee diys

Brewing sweet and aromatic coffee is an art that you should learn day by day

How to Fix

Your coffee maker may develop a problem. Know what causes the mess-up and fix it fast


You may have taken coffee for as long as you have lived. You can moderate your cup.

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Learn how to deal with caffeine anxiety

If you have taken coffee for a long time, chances are you are now dependent on the drink. “I cannot leave the house if I have not taken my cup,” you argue. But do you know you can?



Your Identity

Benefits of garlic and coffee

For centuries, man has mixed coffee and garlic for various purposes. What you didn’t know, garlic coffee has many benefits including lowering blood pressure.


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Accidents are almost inevitable when drinking coffee with your family. One such accident would be coffee spilling over your carpet.

If you’ve been drinking coffee for a long time, you may have noticed a change in the color of your teeth. Remove coffee stains from your teeth.

Sometimes, when partying with friends over a cup of coffee, it might splash over your white shoes. Here is a simple trick to get coffee stains out of white shoes.

Life’s too short to be angry; drink coffee instead

grab a hot cup