A Complete Guide to Starbucks Sizes

Despite the cost, nothing tastes better in the morning than a stimulating coffee from Starbucks. However, many people do not know the story behind the naming of the coffee powerhouse cup sizes. When former CEO Howard Schultz visited Italy, he was drawn by the Italian coffee bars’ romance and replicated the concept at home featuring … Read more

What to Add to Coffee to Make it Less Bitter

No one would want his/her coffee to taste bitter. But sometimes your coffee can turn out bitter and efforts to bring back its taste may prove challenging. In this blog, I will show you a few unique ways to make your coffee less bitter. Adding milk, sugar, cream, butter, ice cream or a little salt … Read more

Can You Put Hot Coffee in Glass?

Coffee glass

Once you wake up to the aroma of freshly made coffee, it is hard to go back to bed. Because of this, most people have become coffee aficionados over the years with the National Coffee Association saying 62% of Americans drink coffee each day. However, do not be surprised that some coffee drinkers do not … Read more

Is Coffee Bad for Pregnancy?

Pregnant mother drinking coffee

Nothing beats a hot cup of coffee in the morning to gear you up for the day. It is one of the most consumed beverages in the world. However, its effects are the most outstanding, especially for pregnant mothers. Nonetheless, there has been an endless debate on whether coffee is bad for pregnancy. Coffee contains … Read more

How Much Caffeine in Decaf Tea

Decaf tea

Many people depend on caffeine in the morning to wake them up and give them extra energy to get going during the day. Whether you are a veteran or a newcomer tea lover, you may have heard the word decaf tea. What is decaf tea? How much caffeine is in decaf tea? Decaffeinated tea has … Read more

10 Coffee Facts You Didn’t Know

One of the coffee facts you didn’t know is that an estimated 2.25 billion cups are taken every day. Coffee is an important drink to many people, to the point that they will not start their day before they take a cup of hot coffee. Although caffeine can interfere with our sleep, coffee wakes us … Read more

The Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee

Did you know that more than 64% of American adults drink coffee every day? That is about 146 billion cups each year. Surprisingly, it appears that American women drink a lot of coffee compared to their male counterparts. Nonetheless, the caffeine tolerance levels vary from one coffee drinker to another. Some people love that energy … Read more

Dangers of Not Changing Refrigerator Water Filter

Refrigerator filter

A refrigerator water filter allows purified water to get to the fridge water dispenser and the ice maker. But despite its crucial role, most people often overlook the filter when cleaning their fridges. And that makes you wonder if there are any dangers of not changing the refrigerator water filter. Failure to change your refrigerator … Read more