Conical Vs Flat Burr

I was watching a video on the conical vs flat burr debate that remains at the center stage in the growth of the specialty coffee industry. And I must say I was excited by the insights in the clip. Perhaps you too would want to understand how these two burr types differ in their functioning … Read more

Rancilio Rocky Vs Sette 270

Some lessons are worth learning by ourselves. That’s how I was forced to make a choice between two superpower coffee grinders – Rancilio Rocky vs Sette 270. It was one of the hardest decisions, but I cracked. Before I tell you how I arrived at the conclusion, I must also remind you that there is … Read more

The Difference Between Decaf and Regular Coffee

Did you know that more than 66% of American adults drink coffee every day? That is about 517 million cups per day or 146 billion cups each year. Surprisingly, it appears that American women drink a lot of coffee compared to their male counterparts. Nonetheless, the caffeine tolerance levels vary from one coffee drinker to … Read more

Doser Vs. Doserless Grinder

If you are a regular coffee drinker, then you must have known by now that the most delicious brew comes from freshly-ground coffee beans. And that makes the coffee grinder a vital tool during the coffee-making process. Even so, you have to decide whether to go for a doser or doserless coffee grinder. That is … Read more

Vietnamese Drip Coffee Vs French Press

We all know that the Vietnamese Phin filter is an iconic part when it comes to brewing traditional Vietnamese coffee. But did you know that the French press also makes rich and tasty Vietnamese coffee? Now that you now know, let’s talk about Vietnamese drip coffee Vs French press. Vietnamese drip coffee uses a Phin … Read more

Blender Vs. Juicer: Which Is Best?

Blender vs. juicer

You might think blenders and juicers give you the same results, especially if you are still new to them. But no, the two appliances are quite different and so are their final products. Because of that revelation, you might ask; blender vs. juicer: which is the best? A blender is the best if you love … Read more

Is Cappuccino Stronger Than Coffee?

Is Cappuccino Stronger Than Coffee?

Gone are the days when coffee was bound to black coffee alone. Currently, we have many options like cappuccino besides regular coffee. But is cappuccino stronger than coffee? I unveil the mystery in this article.  When you look at the caffeine content and the bitter coffee taste, regular coffee is stronger than a cappuccino. However, … Read more