Privacy Policy

Your privacy is key to us. As such, we take privacy policy seriously. At MoChaiLatte, we have dedicated this page to explain a few important details about the kind of information we obtain from you once you visit our site.

The Information We Collect And Why

Every time you comment on this website, we will ask you to leave your email address. The only reasons for doing this are to eliminate spamming and to identify our true friends.


A cookie is a term used to refer to a widespread technology that operates on websites and we are not left out. Thanks to cookies, we are able to collect additional information such as what date and time you visited our site.

Besides, we are able to obtain information on what pages you visited and the amount of quality time you spent on those pages. This in turn helps us improve some pages as well as other sections.

IP Address

Sometimes, when you are logged in to the internet, you may find that the website identifies your IP address. That should not scare you. In fact, it should make you feel at ease. Our web server may collect your computer’s IP address for safety purposes.

By collecting this information, our website receives a signal in case you have requested certain information. If we have your computer’s IP address, it becomes easy to automatically send you the information you request from our website.


As it were, it is a criminal offense to copy and use any information on this website. Besides, no one except from the team is required to reproduce any copy found herein. The International Copyright Law protects all the pages, categories, and information contained in this website.

Thereby, anybody found culpable of misusing any information on this website including videos, will be liable for breaching the copyright law and appropriate legal action will be taken against the individual or company.

The only accepted way to use any information on this website for personal use is to read and apply the knowledge you get from the written copy. Otherwise, for other special use, you need written consent.

Sharing or Selling of Information

Our site does not share, sell, lease, or even lend anyone or any company the information we may have collected from your computer. All the information we automatically collect from you is strictly meant to serve you in the best way possible. In other words, all the information we collect from you only helps us serve you better. That is all!

Are There Situations We Can Share Your Information?

Yes! As you well know, it is a criminal offense, even unethical to lie to the authorities. Therefore, if legally compelled to disclose your information to the authorities, we can gladly do so. However, you do not have to worry because it is very rare for authorities to demand information from us regarding our client.

On many occasions, authorities have their own version of getting to you without necessarily passing through us. But even if that extreme thing happens, it’d be for your own good.

That does not mean that we will be compelled to reveal any of your information to websites that have linked to us.

Data Security

We have your best interests at heart. As such, kindly note that we are committed to securing and protecting your privacy. Unlike other countries, the laws that govern our website on the use and collection of information we have talked of herein, are those created by the United States of America.

They may be stringent than usual but they are geared towards safeguarding your privacy and protecting your personal data.

A Note To Children

Children under the age of 14 here in the United States of America and perhaps 18 in some other countries are not eligible to access or use our website for their own gain without proper supervision from their parents or any other mature person.

Policy Modifications

Privacy policy keeps changing from time to time. As such, what was allowed last month might not be acceptable today, and vice versa. Every time we find out that authorities have recommended a change of a certain clause on the privacy policy, we would be glad to make the adjustments.

Be sure that this privacy policy statement is up to date (last updated: October 2, 2021). However, in case you have a question, concern, or suggestion, do not hesitate to contact us.